Project : Kids Lab Research

Briefing: ideas for/on/by/with ids


  1. Workshop KidsLab – Webster University – April
  2. Open for new ideas – online



“KIDSLAB : innovate a grown up world via children’s brains”
Jan Van Mol – Founder AddictLab, a creative laboratory uniting thousands of creatives globally

Addictlab’s brainstorming sessions marshal people from different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines to come up with new ideas and generate innovative thinking. But children should be an important part of the process.
The Kidslab project aims to

a.     accelerate kids creative talents

b.     have kids think about solutions by cocreation & collaboration

c.     incorporate kids creative thinking to find solutions & new angles on dedicated problems.

A. Accelerating talent

How can we accelerate our children’s  talents? Kids are invited to bring their ideas & creations. A book they are writing, a painting, an app idea.

B & C. Collaboration & ideation

Kids will be invited to come up with ideas on the following Addictlab projects:

  1. Touristlab: ideas for the tourist market
  2. Urban Green Lab : ideas to make our cities more green
  3. Chocolate Lab : yes, indeed.

C. tools:

What tools do we have to encourage creative thinking and collaboration?

The workshop will test out different methodologies & tools, from idea wall posters to the newly developed ideator app on iPads. Ideally, participating kids could be new members of addictlab’s kidslab community.


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