Inspiration Shower

Every company needs to be inspired.

Addictlab ‘s own research and concept database is growing every day.
As a company or organisation you can tap into this lab, and have our team select inspiring stories and examples
for your audience (clients, internal, management, etc)

Select an Inspiration Shower theme:
eg: Connectivity / Eco & sustainability / Innovation / Energy / Chocolate / Touristlab (select one of the 195 Addictlab projects)

* lecture by labresearcher and Addictlab.com founder Jan Van Mol
* lecture by other labresearchers

The Thinking Conference (Australia), SignsOftheTime (the Netherlands), diverse fashion & design fairs, agencies & SME’s

depends on time allocated, number of people, elements
adding to the experience (food, exhibit, ..)
Inspiration Shower (basic 1h) 950 euro*
Inspiration Shower (basic 1/2day) 1500 euro*
Inspiration Shower (day experience) from 4000 euro*
(depends on food, extra speakers, giveaways, number
of people)
(*excl travel & stay, excl VAT)


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