Addictlab has created a unique methodology to think completely out of the box. A selection of Labmembers from different disciplines and cultures come together and brainstorm on a project at hand.


  • Dedicated briefing
  • out of the box brainstorming sessions
  • concept database input
  • labmembers invited from different cultures & disciplines
  • client can/should take part


  • collection of ideas based on your brand, about design, communication, advertising, R&D & more.
  • ‘Brand-filtered’ database of ideas and concepts that can be implemented today or give you a direction for your companies future
  • visualisation of ideas

Thalys, Lexus, BMW, Masterfoods, Danone, different federations, selection of SME’s, Flemish Government,
Novartis, ..
depends on the amount of labmembers, time allocated, market(s) covered and further deliverables.

Creative X-Ray (instant) from 1.500 euro
Creative X-Ray (small) from 4.500 euro
Creative X-Ray (medium) from 14.500 euro
Creative X-Ray (large) from 45.000 euro


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