Augmented consumer research

Let’s be honest. Customers have a hard time evaluating new ideas and innovation. When you test a new concept in a group of people, chances are that they will go for what they know, not for what they don’t know. When it’s about innovation and daring to change, a company needs to be in the driver’s seat. Normal consumer research packages, therefor, are not the right tools to assess innovative ideas. Unless…

Addictlab’s empowered consumers.
Addictlab’s database of creative thinkers is a valuable resource for conceptual thinking (new ideas), executional
power (feasibility), but also as a source for consumer insights.

We valuate our audience in view of their ‘level’ of creative thinking in their field. But we add personal knowledge to that. Their personal interest in certain matters can be very valuable.
An example: For research on a BMW hybrid motorbike, we chose to add a photographer from London
driving around in a scooter. His photo-work ensured a high level of creativity, his scooter-experience added
hands-on consumer experience.

‘CURATED crowdsourcing’
For projects needing consumer insights and innovation assessment, we are bringing together a number
of creative thinkers, out of their normal professional environment, but around a theme and problem they
care about and have a personal interest in. These people are open for innovation, can help generate
ideas, and evaluate or optimise proposed concepts.

Augmented consumer research:
trend setters with an opinion & valuable input


BMW, Novartis Japan, Flemish Government, all Creative X-Ray clients.
depends on the amount of labmembers, time allocated,
on/offline research, market covered and further deliverables.

  • Monthly Sparring Partner fees from 1.500 euro

  • Creative X-Ray (medium) from 12.000 euro

  • Creative X-Ray (large) from 28.000 euro

  • (*excl travel & stay, excl VAT)


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