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Design the Pronails corporate clothing

Lab description

No time to waste!  Design the Pronails professional outfit and corporate clothing, and see it produced for the professional fairs ESTETIKA Brussels 2015 (14-15-16 March) & COSMOPROF Bologna (23-24 March)


ProNails is a professional brand for nail hand and foot care products, that offers the latest trends and colours every season – inspired by what is happening on the High Fashion’s catwalks, as well as by the expressive style of real women all around the world.

The ProNails professional outfit will be worn by beauty professionals and nail stylists who are passionate about the brand and about their profession. They are Passionate, Real women of all ages that do not hesitate to become ProNails ambassadors, and thus bring to life the ProNails values: These women are Classy, Reliable, Innovative, Inspiring and Joyful. Their outfit is part of their personality and passion. Of course the outfits have to be comfortable and easy to wear – since these beauty professionals work non-stop. The creativity with which real women express their personality as part of their beauty ritual, is a constant source of inspiration.

in short:

  • emphasising the Pronails brand/ logo/   brand promise
  •  functional
  • can have extra messages
  • classy, innovative
  • unique & inspiring to stick out in a  business to business fair environment

Documents available: 

Pronails logo, booth concept, the ProNails Mission & Values bookmark: https://professionails.box.com/s/vrr0ix4oyhyyoqw6m5az – http://www.pronails.com

What’s in it for you?

The winner will see his or her idea executed and produced.

He or she will be invited for a two day Addictlab Fashion Safari* to Antwerp, visiting showrooms, PR offices, the FFI ModeMuseum and meeting professionals.

(*The Addictlab Safari contains a trip to Antwerp (max 400€ flight ticket), one hotel night and professional guidance over two days)


  • January Call for projects
  • February 3 Deadline!
  • February 5 Judging
  • Feb – March production
  • March 14/16 Ready for Estetika

how to participate

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 14.24.54

Pronails logo, booth concept, the ProNails Mission & Values bookmark:




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