We have been ironing out all bugs… And we’ll be officially launching the DESIGNWEEK app during the Eggweek (Brussels, Sept 16 – 22, www. eggbxl.com)


What is it about:

showcasing great design talent from all over the world. Artists, designers that have registered as a labmember on addictlab and have uploaded their work, are eligible to be showcased on the app.

The Designweek app was conceived as an alternative to physical designweeks around the globe that require time, availability and travel to attend to, let alone budget to take part in. The Designweek app is free and is a bottom up, collaborative tool to accelerate creative talent.

Selection is made on a regular basis by Addictlab Researchers and criteria are comparable to those used for publication in the Ad!dict books.

Notification is sent to all users when there is new talent to be discovered.



On the app, users can find direct links

– to the labmember’s file on addictlab.com

– to the work’s file on addictlab.com

– possible CV and personal website

Sharing on twitter:

is simple via a tweet button next to each work


Addictlab boasts creative talent from all over the world and from about 44 disciplines. The icon (top right) illustrates to which one of the lab’s creative disciplines the work can be linked to.


Partners, ADS are welcomed on the right column in the app. (maximum 2 per week)

Install your DESIGNWEEK app here:




the next version of the app will include links between the work at hand and the different research labs it takes part in. Eg. This Insect Pen by labmember Alex Schultz: this idea and prototype pen was showcased at diverse exhibitions, the Milan Design week, and via it’s link to the Urban Green research, published in one of Addictlab’s books.




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