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Addictlab is proud to announce a collaboration with the European Commission and The Egg, Brussels based Communication Nest.

The Egg and Addictlab have joined forces creating the EGG LAB: The Egg building with Addictlab’s creative think tank is a unique combination allowing clients and companies renting spaces in The Egg to tap into Addictlab’s extensive database of creative people (4500) and concepts (10200).

Addictlab’s ungoing research (on tourism, urban green, design and others)  provides new insights, ideas and inspiration for The Egg visitors and clients, and adds a portfolio of consultancy in marketing, innovation & ideation to The Egg’s offerings.

During the “Greenweek 2013” organised by the European Commission, The Egg & Addictlab will be exhibiting work from  one of addictlab members, Elegant Embellishments, a design duo from Germany. Their work fits very well the subject of this year’s conference, Clean Air.

About Prosolve370e

Prosolve370e is a decorative, architectural tile that reduces air pollution in cities when installed near traffic ways or on building facades. As a modification to existing architectural surfaces, prosolve370e “tunes” buildings to respond better to their immediate environments. The tiles are coated with superfine titanium dioxide (TiO2), a pollution-fighting technology activated by moderate levels of natural UV light.

The innovative geometry optimizes the exposure of photo-active surfaces to ambient daylight and pollution, maximizing the neutralization of oxides of nitrogen and sulfur (NOx/SOx), and volatile organic compounds (VOC), toxins that also play an important part in the formation of other airborne pollutants. By targeting these substances, prosolve370e effectively reduces the adverse health and economic effects of air pollution in its vicinity.


Prosolve370e was published in Addictlab’s book ‘Ideas for Greener Cities’, via its DMY Berlin partner.

About the Greenweek

The 2013 edition of Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, will take place from 4 to 7 June at a new venue, The Egg Conference Centre in Brussels. This year’s theme is Air quality.

Despite progress in recent years, several air quality standards are still widely exceeded in the EU’s most densely populated areas, especially from pollutants such as particulate matter, ground-level ozone, and nitrogen dioxide. 2013 will be a year in which the Commission’s current air policy is reviewed, with a focus on finding ways to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Green Week offers a unique opportunity for debate and exchanges of experience and best practice. Over the past decade, the conference has established itself as an unmissable event for anyone involved with protecting the environment. The 2012 edition attracted some 3.100 participants from government, business and industry, non-governmental organisations, academia and the media.

©elegant embellishments


Elegant Embellishments on Addictlab / labfile

Greenweek 2013

Elegant Embellishments




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