Pantonizing Easter.

©Pantonizing Easter, Amanda Callendrier & Justine

This picture & ‘pantonizing’ project were created yesterday by Amanda Callendrier and her daughter Justine, during Addictlab’s ‘kidslab’ workshop at the Webster University Geneva.

As far as creative thinking is concerned,  I believe we can learn so much from our children. The way they look at things, the way they connect, the way they come up with a story.

Both the ‘Pantonize‘ and ‘I see faces‘ exercises are valuable experiments in a workshop. There is group dynamism involved , a very low threshold for participation and the job itself brings you into a different mind set. It’s a recommendation as a start for most longer group discussion activities.

It seems we need to come up with tools and methodologies to re-install a state of observation and re-initiate a thought process we have lost by growing up.

About pantonizing

The verb ‘to pantonize’ doesn’t really exist, I believe. Well, if it doesn’t, it should. It’s looking at a subject, and breaking it down to all the colours involved. You take your pantone chart, and stick the relevant colour codes to the subject at hand. It requires scissors, sticky tape and a good dose of observational behaviour. But that’s a skill that, with some patience, can be learned by everyone. If you’re not suffering from colour blindness, that is.

About the event

Webster University Geneva’s Media Communications Department held its 4th annual Media Trends conference from April 8 to April 10. This year’s spotlight on media issues related to children, “Challenging Crossroads: Children and the Media”. The conference investigated some of the more contentious media crossroads that today’s youth traverse. Panels on media ethics, protecting children on the internet, media activism, child exploitation, children’s health and media literacy provided the framework for Media Trends 2013.





One thought on “Pantonizing Easter.

  1. Have been hearing great things. A must do again. Next time we’ll hold fewer, but longer workshops. Wouldn’t mind bringing you in for a day of your own. Need to give you the spotlight!

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