Tomorrow’s meeting takes me back to moments in the past I wrote in 2005 about ‘Beyond printed matter’. In an editorial alongside Terry Jones from ID, in a book called The Last Magazine http://amzn.to/Z7NSMg

“We live in a borderless world. Is that a way to chaos or an open road to a new renaissance?”

“Big-shot marketing studies by big-shot agencies trying ruthlessly to define a certain underserved audience that needs another printed layer added to their busy life (…) and is willing to undergo continuous advertising bashing”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think that sometimes (…) the financial director is in the editor’s seat, comparing the square centimeters of content to the advertising space sold. All this, as if there could be a mathematical approach to creativity tout court.”

“Magazine should focus on the content. On the experience of content rather than splitting it up into predefined templates and boredom.”

And it goes on. I must have had a knife between my teeth.

Last Magazine , David Renard “Featuring essays from top industry thinkers such as Steven Heller (New York Times Book Review), Terry Jones (ID), Robert Sacks (High Times, Time Inc.). And Jan Van Mol (Ad!dict)


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