Metal sculpture created by artist David Kracov

At Addictlab, in our Maglab project, we are doing research on the future of magazines and printed media. This image explains so well how I believe Media & Magazines should look at them selves. Content providers, meaning so much more then square centimeters of printed matter.

Reading a magazine should be this overwhelming experience of multi-layered inspiration, allowing me to dive into one subject if and when I’d like. Like admiring and following one or more of these butterflies.

I love how the tangibility of the paper and the structured way of offering content (printed pages, bound together in a very rational way) eventually results in a mesmerizing panoply of inspiration and knowledge. How structure becomes beautiful chaos.

One aspect of our research is the link between content, editorial board and advertising. In my opinion, I have no problem some of these butterflies are coming from a paying advertiser. As long as their story and beauty is up to scale with the rest. As inspirational. As authentic. Which, in no case, should result in some butterflies carrying a brand’s logo. I would shoot those out of the sky.

I know. It’s complicated.


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