The Origami Kayak

For our TOURISTLAB research, this caught our eye: A origami Kayak. Yep.


This is what makes it all work! The origami skin has creases permanently molded in, so it folds easily between boat and case. There is only one seam—above the water line, on top of the boat. It closes tight with a watertight rubber gasket.


Solid plastic ribs keep the cross-sectional shape. A rigid floorboard (which also becomes the lid of the case) reinforces the cockpit. Simple straps and buckles hold everything together, making assembly quick and intuitive.


You’ll be able to paddle for hours, thanks to our comfortable foam seat and backrest. A fully adjustable footrest will keep you comfortable and in control. The Oru Kayak fits standard spray skirts, float bags, and four-piece paddles.

Touristlab applications:

why not customise your kayak, promoting a destination. We know a few where this could work perfectly.



Picture 46


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