About Gorillas and their olfactory senses.

As perfume used to be good for human being because he had the knowledge to make it the right way and he knew how the use it.
Perfume used to be made of flowers and plants. Man used to know which plants were good for which pain or which sickness.
If human beings forgot it, gorillas still have that knowledge to feel what is good for them. They recognize the right plant with their olfactory sense and they associate it to their body’s need.
The Perfume Foundation started studying the importance of olfaction in gorillas, not only regarding hormones (pheromones, occytocine…) but also when they are scared the silver back produces smell communication to show to the group they are in danger.
Gorilla’s sense of smell is like their olfactory organ, the most developed in the animal world.
Setting up of a research centre in the equatorial forest for studying the medicinal plants used by Gorillas is one of the project of The Perfume Foundation. It will also protect gorillas from predators and mass tourism.
Gorilla’s use of medicinal plants by osmotherapy is a subject that was never studied before.

  • Credit: Photo Benedict Martinez
  • text : Creezy Courtoy, The Perfume Foundation

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